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day to go out and find special someone. at the of or not. he claims that if you start dating so in fe, you have no pressure of valentine's day, you pressure of christmas. of ne new year's eve plans. guys the pressure is off. and gals, too. he said it doesn't hit until thanksgiving. if you start dating someone in the summer, -- only a guy could come up with a brilliant theory. >> bob: i am changing my one more thing. no one asked me to do this. i want to explain something. when i made the reference to apartheid with the national rifle association, this is what i meant. they in south africa in apartheid, good people, law and order people had guns and kept them away from everybody else who didn't like apartheid. so the problem was that the people who were not the good guys in the view of those who were the good guys got hold of guns and then you had a big
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problem. the answer is there is, you cannot separate out good guys with guns with bad guys from guns. the good guys with guns end up in the bad guys with gun. er go apartheid. wayne, if you don't like that d. >> andrea: okay. wait, wait. >> dana: what does it have to do with america's second amendment and gup policy? >> bob: i was trying to explain what i was explaining. >> dana: i know. >> andrea: i don't know if you cleared anything up. >> handbe me a shovel. >> that is what i meant. >> andrea: thank you very much. that history lesson sponsored in part by beckel incity tute. thank you welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy or as i am known in certain regions of thailand, greg gutfeld. now to tom shillou for a pre game report. >> coming up on tonight's show, unsan terry conditions,
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food shortages and camping out on deck. the try yum cruise or my first new york apartment? you decide. and a group of shadowing bureaucrats have decided to eliminate the ancient sport of wrestling from the olympics. looks like chief jay strong bow won't be competing in 2020. and if you are a politician don't get caught tweeting with young girls unless the young girl is crore see -- secret daughter in which case, whoa! and no this is not a story about bill schulz. >> thanks, tom, see you at the half. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and jaw derosa, he is author of the book "cheat" seen here and no where else because it is flying off the shelves. filling in for a lump of coal it is bill schulz. and next to me is matt welch "reason magazine"'s editor-in-chief. >> a block, the lede.
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that's the first story. >> did the final frontier just give as you souvenir? no, but a 49-foot wide meteor right traveling at 33,000 miles per hour did barrel into russia's mountains on friday shattering walls and windows and injuring with -- about 1100 people. said the scientists at the johns hopkins of the 10-ton terror that broke into pieces 30 miles from the ground, quote, it doesn't take a very large object . it packs the same energy as a nuclear bomb. crazy coincidence alert, all of this occurred in the same 24-hour period an asteroid rocketed past earth at a distance of 17,150 miles which is not nearly far enough or not nearly close enough depending on howdy pressed you are with your life. let's go live to a nasa press conference where they are discussing the implications of all of this.
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>> that was horrifying. >> joe, welcome to the show. >> thank you, andy. >> the head of the near earth object program says he thinks this was an event caused by the atmospheric impact, but you disagree? >> yes, i understood some of those words. i think this is proof about the weakening of meteors and asteroids. one of these things called kill all of the dinasaurs. my research and hard work has proven this for years. they call me crazy, but who is laughing now, andy? >> nobody here. is it. >> it is not funny. >> why do you think -- is it president obama? >> i'll tell what you it is. when bruce willis has to crawl in it to implode it from the inside, little pieces hit the earth. that's what happens.
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where was morgan free map? >> you you confusing movie world. nasa says this event is not related to the asteroid which flew by earth on friday. but isn't that exactly what they would say if the two things were related? >> exactly they don't want people to freak out. that's why they have been trying to send out images to the universe about our religious system. they don't want us to freak out that we are not alone. who knows? right before the show i read somebody who is smart about these things say actually we can't rule that out because we don't have enough geo sin croon niecessed if this was a shorn off piece or not. >> whose fault is that? >> barack obama's. >> the video that we saw which is incredible, everyone has a dash cam in russia. it is awesome. >> well, someone was telling us today, and i don't know if
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this is true. maybe tom can check it, but for insurance purposes, there are so many driving accidents that cars are now required to have these dash cams. >> it is that and also it prevents people from coming and just beating the crap out of you. >> seriously. when he comes and starts waiving his fists. i am taping you, comrade. >> this is actually a sub plot in the new die hard movie. >> a coincidence. >> a really bad sub plot. >> bruce willis. >> how would you compare this to the exploding fireball in 1908? >> well, i have a vast amount of information about that explosion in 1908. >> well? lay it on us. >> are you not a lawyer? i assume you know about these things. >> i am a lawyer which is why this story raises a very important question. when we have these disasters, and apparently it is not going to be the last one. there was another meteor going around, an asteroid going around that didn't land. we need to decide once and for
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all who is responsible. who are we going to sue for these damages when thousands of people are getting injured? someone has to be responsible. >> obviously. >> somebody should be paying for this. >> spoken like the blood sucker you are. >> this would be the biggest class action lawsuit ever. it is every citizen of earth. >> that's right. we are all potential plaintiffs. >> you must love this. you are disgusting. bill, did this feel more air ma ged deny or deep impacty? >> deep impact. armageddon wasn't real. if aerosmith is is the soundtrack to your life it is not real. if morgan free man is a soulful plat tudes about our existence in this universe, it is very real. i am surprised nothing bad happened because this stuff always happens when we have a black president. i think that's how it works. >> by the way, in armageddon, white president. >> not real.
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what part of aerosmith are you not getting? >> i don't believe this really happened. >> do you not believe this happened? >> i have seen people saying it didn't happen. >> every time something like this it happens way off somewhere elsewhere no one else is around like in the bible. come on. >> because it happened so far away we can make jokes. if this happened over america and a thousand people were hurt, we wouldn't be joking about it. it would be horrible. >> a thousand hurt? >> you are horrible. >> it brings up an important point. why don't we have the technology to know it is come ?g why don't we have the tech tholing -- technology to know we have a meteor defense system to bomb it before it gets here? we have the technology we need. we have iphones, and we have every angle of that thing hitting earth, and it looked awesome. what is the problem? >> a thousand people got hurt. >> all right, no one died so what is the problem? >> a russian politician claims that this actually wasn't a meteor. he says it was, quote, a new
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weapon by the americans. should we go with that? it makes us kind of cool. >> that or the north koreans. in the same way we had a missal defense shield under ronald reagan. >> there is a difference and i am not aware of when it is. one involves morgan freeman. >> one involves bruce willis. >> looking scared. asteroids are bigger than meteors. they are now saying this was as i said to joe although he disagrees that this was a small asteroid, but they are saying it could be a large meteor roid. they are not entirely positive. >> asteroids require preparation h. >> let's talk about the russians. >> every one of these video there's is a huge fireball across the scie. they continue
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to drive. >> what are you going to do? >> i would hit the brakes very hard. >> no, no. >> i think you are wrong. you live in new york so you don't drive on a regular basis. those of us who drive every day, we see crazy things. >> a fireball across the sky? >> i would probably still be driving, but driving and looking out the window and causing car accidents. which is i'm sure is part of the thousand people. >> that's part of what i am saying. every one of these videos the drivers calmly kept going. nobody hit the brakes or swerved to the side of the road quickly. >> if anybody watches "game of thrones" they might of thought it was dragons flying through the sky. >> i know exactly how you would have reacted. you would have pulled the brakes and gotten out of the car and wearing really cool shades and walked slowly.
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it would have reflected off your glances and then go, my god. that's how it would happen. >> are you not wrong. and then once the explosion happened i would be walking away from it. >> it is so cool. >> joe, exit question, meteor right or meteor wrong? >> meteor wrong. >> and he is a scientist. >> from a meteor shower to a ship without power. well, the carnival triumph unfortunately named docked in mobile, alabama late thursday ending a 322-day nightmare for the 42,000 people aboard the disabled ship. the massive vessel was paralyzed since sunday after an engine room fire that lead to conditions on board. passengers spoke of food and water shortages and human waste running across floors and down the walls. there was a joke about it
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being like bill's apartment. meanwhile, carnival is offering a full refund, credit ready to another cruise and $500 compensation and a copy of magic mike on blue ray. still some passengers have begun looking into suing the cruiseline. let's go to one passenger who is thrilled to be back on land. >> it the first bath has to feel great. >> you are a cruise nut. you have been on 57 cruises. have you ever had an experience like this? >> no, of course not. i have never been stuck on a ship like this. i have been on a handful of cruises with my friends. and they have been great experiences. that being said, i don't particularly like cruising. they are convenient and easy. >> every guy on the panel had
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the same cruising joke. >> call me naive. i don't know the joke. but i couldn't imagine being stuck on the ship for the day when we were supposed to get off and go to the beach. what is so surprising is that these people could see land for almost 24 hours before they were allowed to disembark. not one of them tried to get off the ship. nobody jumped. i would have been the first one off that boat. i would have been swimming to shore and so long suckers from the beach. >> if you jumped off you will break your neck. >> you would find a way. yes, you would find a way. >> she said she would find a way. >> well let's get something along the lines of what we are saying. they couldn't do a ship to ship transfer at sea because it was too risky. and the life boats are only as a last resort. apparently having to crap into bags is not a last resort. >> i have no idea why you wouldn't mobilize.
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>> you have the life boat exercise right before things start. there is a megaphone and he can't believe a word he says. no one has any idea what they will do. >> that's comforting. >> is it weird that recommend my my -- that remi requests the grab bags. >> you always see these horrible stories, but keep -- but people keep going. that's my question. >> if you are going to get stranded at sea, this is the most fabulous way. tom cruise did not have shuffle boards in "castaway." >> "castaway" didn't have tom cruise. >> i mean tom hanks. >> i guess are you not putting that on your real. >> you said cruise and it is in my head. >> al pacino was on that boat.
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>> i don't mean to sound insensitive, but i will. it is a crapy, no pu intended -- no pun intended. it was horrible, we essentially had to go camping. come on, it wasn't that bad. >> i saw on another network that i won't name that starts with a c and ends in an n, one of the reporters as they got off the ship and they said was this like katrina? and the person are like, are you crazy? no we were stuck on a cruiseship for three days or whatever. this is not like katrina. bill, you were saying as all of this has been unfolding, you have been sitting there going, i now want to go take a cruise. >> why are you a sick bastard? >> i am a realist. everyone is forced to sleep together in beds pressed up next to each other. i love milk at room temperature. you know that. it is like you are playing a
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live action game of frogger, but instead of dodging automobiles it is feces. i can't think of anything better. >> they did close the bars. >> never mind. >> i mentioned the story and she is seeking unspecified damages. she feared for her life or she might suffer serious injury or illness because of the presence of raw sewage and spoiled food. there will be a lot more of the lawsuits. >> oh yes. and i don't think the cruiseship is doing enough to compensate these people. four or five days they were stuck like this. reimbursing them for the trip they didn't get to have and giving them $500 and a bus ticket? i don't think so. >> but if they can't show injury or illness, can they -- will they still be able to win? >> that's the question of damages. is the cruiseship liable in -- liable? probably. that will be a case by case basis. >> maritime attorneys say it is difficult to win such a case. >> that's true. it will be difficult. there is international law and
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they are not governorred by the states and that's why they have so many problems. >> the seas have no laws. >> i smell a new james cameron movie coming. >> you should know this because you are obsessed with cruising and do it every weekend. carnival, the other one. it is weird. you should know that you sign your life away when you come on these things. >> that's a good point, but every good waiver can be breached. >> what do you mean you sign your life away? >> you do almost anything, take a plane ride -- >> is it a billion year contract? >> you usually have to sign a waiver before you goat a ski lift or airplane holding the company harmless for anything that might happen. as we all know there is a lawsuit in almost anien instance where something goes wrong. these waivers don't generally holdup in these circumstances and they will pay these people a little over $500. >> and good for us for wearing
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the blue and brown colors so prevalent in the story. the poo-poo and the see. satisfy. >> can i buy you a drink or just give you the money? that's not a story. it is a i can p up line i heard joe derosa use. should wrestling pea cut from the olympics? if they are replacing it with proxy boxing? absolutely. you are watching fnc. stick around.
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they said no mo to grapples and throws. wrestling was in the first modern olympics in 1896, but it won't be around for the summer olympics in 2020. they voted to drop the sport,
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opting to cut it instead of field hockey and modern pentathalon. among those not happy is former defense secretary donald rumsfeld who wrote a strongly worded letter to the committee asking them to reconsider the decision. rules fend who wrieser ised -- rumsfeld who wrestled in high school, college and the navy says it is unlike any activity. it is the oldest of contact sports. it would be a tragedy for the sport and for the proud tradition of the olympic games. for more we check in with some olympic wrestling hopefuls. >> god speed, sloths. >> joe, we now live in a world where rythmic gymnastics is a sport and wrestling is not. it seems wrong. >> well it makes me laugh where traditional wrestling sounds like it is a story line from professional wrestling chght they should have had
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vince mcmahon make this announcement. all wrestling is banned. it is crazy. i don't get it. and i know wrestlers, at least they tell me they are wrestler s, they don't like it either. >> matt, i don't watch olympic wrestling, too much clothing for me, and i loathe donald rumsfeld, but i think he is right here. doesn't tradition dictate that wrestling should be an olympic sport? in 1708bc it was in the sports? >> people say it should all be discussed in a bob costas voice and the tradition is dating back to 1896 which is not that long ago. they were adding and subtracting sports. they added baseball in the late 80s and then subtracted it. they subtracted softball which is upsetting.
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he is right on points. he has an op ad in the washington post and he came out of retirement and came out of casket to get excited about something. i think the olympics are fundamentally ridiculous. >> i don't feel that way and that's the difference between you and me. i am a proud american. remi it seems like a lot has to do with the wrestling community didn't lobby the ioc hard enough. lobbying means bribing. i was shocked to find out something goes on with something as pure as the olympics. >> it is surprising to me. i think it is all about money, without question. the politics behind the scenes, the bribing. i think what advertisers are willing to pay for. what are people watching? are they watching wrestling? i watch the olympics when ever they are on, winter, summer,
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whatever. i never watched wrestling. i don't know how many people in this room say they watched it or would watch it if it was on. advertisers may not be forking over the cash that the networks want and the people making these decisions would expect. it is sad though. >> i am asking this question. is it as saw 9 to think that professional wrestling is so sensational and fun to watch that it is diminished the quality of actual wrestling? people just don't have an interest in seeing it because there is no fan fair? >> there aren't that mean people unless you are a former wrestler who are into watching wrestling. >> bill watches all the time. >> bill, have you been rail lig against the ioc decision more so than donald rumsfeld. >> they smell what the bill is cooking. if you really want to get something back to the olympics i can think of no better spokesperson than donald rumsfeld who has only received
12:26 am
more wonderfully internationally than he is nationally. this is going to be the last nail in the coffin unfortunately. >> why can't they blend the two? take a little pro wrestling and a little traditional wrestling. >> it is fencing, horse riding and shooting. get rid of horse riding. >> bite your tongue. >> people watch that. >> i agree. get rid of the horse riding. >> i like ponies. >> so got a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. still ahead, a report from thomas jshillou. >> tonight is sponsored by turtles. the reptiles with a body protected by a bony shell. thanks, turtle.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. let's go to tom shillou. >> i'm sure you have. let me look at my notes. >> i can't believe that. >> andy, when you started the show you kind of made a remark about joe derosa's book. a remark that it didn't seem to be selling. i looked it up. it is 47,000 on amazon. it is ranked 47,000 in books.
12:31 am
but it is ranked number 100 in humor/parenting and families. >> really? >> number 100? >> yes, 100. >> that's awesome. i was looking up your book -- oh, you don't have one. >> okay. matt, you mentioned about the cash cams in russia and andy was speculating the reasons of this i looked up a article and it was entitled why almost every in russia has a dash cam? they cited the lax and corrupt law enforcement and those that rarely ham the the firsthand accounts of a traffic collision. >> that's great information. bill, you said armageddon is not real. then you said we have all of the technology we need. are you saying we have the technology we need to explode --
12:32 am
>> as the amazing foot -- footage is shown. >> i was able to capture them on the dash cams or the iphone. >> tom, can i explain what he was doing when he said that? >> yes. >> bill knows in his early period before he sold out and that would be bad boys in ar mageddon. they are three movies i can recite verbatim. >> "body boys" is a good film. >> he was taking a cheap shot at air armageddon. >> it is not a quote when you are quoting your own blog. >> what if it is facts about andy -- >> i don't think you spelled michael bay correctly. >> aim to understand that andy is a bigger fan of diseep impact a -- deep impact? >> no. >> well, they came out the
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same year. i didn't know they were back to back. it was "deep impact" robert duval and tia leoni. >> and hillary swanke is in that? >> no swank. >> "armageddon" bruce willis and ben affleck. i think the reason it out did "deep impact." the most important part of the film, the tag line for "deep impact" oceans rise, cities fall, hopes rise. >> by the way, you don't don't want to know where i have that tatood. >> the air ma get done tag is heads up. >> you can figure out where i have that tatoo. >> the cruiseship story --
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apparently my joke about my apartment stole a joke you were going to do? >> that's fine. i was about to make the same joke so i decided not to because you had already done it. >> i thought when i was writing that line, for the audience they perceive me has somebody with a neat apartment. it didn't make a lot of sense. >> i don't think either joke had thunder really. >> i have a lovely apartment. >> i don't think you are qualified to judge jokes. >> you're right. i'm not. >> i had a little problem with the strong bow reference at the top. i thought that was a funny wrestling reference. it might be too old. did you know who he was? >> i am still trying to figure it out. at first i thoughts she was on she's out of your league. >> he was the biggest wrestler
12:35 am
of the 1970s. he was big. a big marquis name. >> you have to go with super fly scnooka. those are names that res son nate with the people. >> it is a generational thing. there are a lot of viewers in their 40s who dug my chief. >> the iron she can would have been better. >> remi you said on this cruiseship story you have to sign a waiver no matter what you do. isn't that the point? everybody knows. we sign these no matter where we go and they are not legally binding at all. >> that's not accurate. they are legally binding. when there are extreme circumstances where it is such a disaster such as this is, the waivers generally will not holdup. plus in this case the cruiseship has had -- this particular one has had some prior issues. the question is did they
12:36 am
properly rectify the problem? we can assume the answer is no. that's what is going to invalidate their waivers. >> they didn't just sign the waiver. they signed the compensation package. it bans on suing the grounds of emotional distress and it bans class action lawsuits. that's the only thing that will happen if they ban together, right? >> the damage depends on each person and what they suffered. one person suffered a heart attack or if they had a condition that was exacerbated by these conditions they will be entitled to someone like you who and i assume healthy who is upset, but not hurt. >> i would have had a good time. i would have been camping. >> joe you were poo-pooing the idea of these people in stress. something tells me you might have a bit of skin in this game. do you work for the cruise operator?
12:37 am
don't you apply your wears on the cruiseline? >> first of all, just because my grandfather's name is carnival, rk -- i think people should be thanking their lucky stars they didn't have to watch a cruiseship comedy show. the over flowing fecal water did them a favor. >> they said the worst part of the cruise was the comedy show. >> well, did you see how joe evaded my question? >> i have never worked on a cruiseship in my life. i dance in the shows, mom. >> wrestling, first of all, matt . >> sam. >> matt, you say -- >> kurt.
12:38 am
>> you say that the olympics is fundamentally ridiculous? >> yes. have you watched it recently? >> but don't -- come on. >> that's a good argument. >> i like the counter point, come on. >> the olympics were made for super power conflicts. they were fun when we could hate on east germans and the hungarians could beat them to death. the cold war, what is the point? the olympics was about the cold war for me. >> guys, here is my quiz. wrestling did not make the top 10 in ratings, but what do you think -- what olympic sports were in the top three? what olympic events got the highest ratings? >> gymnastics? >> i would have said gymnastics. that's not even the top 10. >> basketball. >> swimming. >> swimming? think outside the box. >> basketball is not a top
12:39 am
10? >> get this. >> lossoing. >> number one, the closing ceremony. number two, the ep oning ceremony. the opening ceremony. >> what sports rated the high ?es. >> third hussein bolt, fourth mufarra. five, jessica ennis. the gymnasts didn't even make the top 10. >> interesting. >> back to you, andy. coming up, what is the key to earning extra cash during tough economic times? remi spencer on her new book, how i bell clients for over time. first, what will "red eye" correspondents have to say? hopefully something or this will be an awkward segment.
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well, thanks to dental
12:43 am
records the charred remains found in a burned down cabin in big bear valley were positively identified as former police officer turned police killer christopher dorner. the sheriff in charge confirms his men sent pyrotechnic teargas into the cabin, but it was not their intent to set it on fire. the gruesome death of a gruesome killer? we know what that means people who think about things. i didn't know that was going to happen. welcome back to the program. dr. michael botin, former chief medical examiner and knows mortality like bill -- i am not reading that. thanks for coming back. >> thank you. >> i want to talk about the body identification. >> you watch "csi" and they get dna and a couple hours later thisy know who it is. it is not like that in the real world? >> no. the quickest way like they did it is to match teeth especially a burnt body. the teeth are the last to go.
12:44 am
if you have a dental record the dentist comes to the scene and looks at the teeth and he can tell right away if it is or isn't dorner. >> i figured they got his dental records because he was a cop and former military. if it is a civilian, how do you go about getting dental records? do you find his insurance company? >> you find from who ever family is around. he had a mom around. you find who his dentist was. civilian dentists are approached when there is a death. and that is fast. >> so the dental records aren't protected? >> no. not so far. hopefully somebody doesn't pick you up on that. especially under the circumstances. >> you must have worked on cases where the bodies are so charred that even dental records weren't enough? >> well mostly beheaded people that doesn't work.
12:45 am
>> i don't get it. >> but even in this situation when dorner was in the different cars and the cell phone with the mades and all, he was leaving his fingerprints all over the place. the i'm sure the police had his fingerprints to match to the police and military even though the finger fingerprints of the happened. >> could they do that if the body was charred? >> they get it off the cars he was driving and match it to known fingerprints from the military or police department. >> would that be enough to id the body? >> pretty good, but still want the dental. before dna, dental was enough. now everybody wants the next step to do dna also. usually they can, but it takes longer. >> one last question. my understanding is that either the sheriff's office or the lapd, first they fired regular teargas into the cabin. that didn't work and they
12:46 am
switched to a more insydney year teargas. they weren't trying to burn down the cabin. it is a risk you take. >> part of it is when you get teargas canisters there is a risk of a fire starting. they had him surrounded. apparently one bullet struck him which is the one he fired. they can match it up to weapons. it is amazing in police shootings and gang land shootings when the body comes in, 90% of bullets miss. the fire, we can tell from the carbon monoxide in the blood whether he died before or after the fire started. and they can also find drugs -- did he have a drug reaction that he was getting high? all of these things will be worked out by the medical examiner. >> a story we talked about last week, scientists finding the remains of king richard
12:47 am
the third under a parking lot. >> tests proved beyond a reasonable doubt it is that of the king who died in 1845. he was a hunchback. >> well, he had a twisted spine. it is scoliosis. it is sideways. hunchback is front and back. he did walk funny. this seems to match up. it shows you when you see the beautiful pictures how after five00 years the whole skeleton was in excellent condition. it shows that what happened is over the centuries water didn't get into it. usually rainwater and ground water is what causes the destruction of the bone. but it is just amazing. police are asking the medical examiner, if you exhume the body what will the body look like? the answer has to be we don't know it will we find them. we don't know what conditions
12:48 am
are underground. some bodies stay excellent for 500 years and many deteriorate in a year. >> apparently they say he is the last king to die in battle. if your spine was so twisted how can he fight? would that have been a debilitating thing? it wasn't debilitating. >> he could still carry a sword. >> he was going to give up his whole kingdom for a horse. >> according to shakespear. there was a movement that he was defamed, but the thing that gets me most interesting is they identified him from dna. you can't identify somebody 500 years ago unless it was all females because the mitochondrial dna stays the same or males with the y chromosome staying the same. but with all of those people in 500 years there is a mother and father change, the dna
12:49 am
track gets destroyed. >> are you saying they are lying? >> i think that it is un-- yes, i think they are overinterpreting whatever they find. the dna changes with each generation. one of the big ways it changes is a real concern to a lot of the kings that don't belong. they came from other people. males or females. so that becomes a problem. >> let's take a break, but we will come back. we will talk to dr. bodin about more stuff. and a special performance from our musical guest.
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all right. i want to talk about the movie "the ice man" that comes out in may. it is about a contract killer who stuck his victims in freezers to disguise their time of death. you played a bit of a role in this whole sorted tale, didn't you? >> yes. actually he killed maybe a hundred, 200 people, but he was tried only for three people. it was in 1988. i testified against him for the prosecution. two people killed by cyanide that he killed. he was convicted. and then he was in jail for about eight years or so, and
12:54 am
he was about to testify against sammy the bull gravano and he died. so there is a lot of concern that maybe -- that case then went away. so they then thought maybe he was poisoned and his widow who was in the courtroom called me and asked if i could review the records and it turned out he died of natural causes. it is good to get it from both ends. >> now he would put victims in a big freezer. talk about that. >> he killed essentially all of his deaths were adult males , mostly -- no women. they mostly involved in illegal activity. he was going to purchase some drugs from a pharmacist and instead of gives the money he shot him and put him in a freezer for two years.
12:55 am
he said, he told the under cover agent so to make it difficult for the medical examiner to tell when the time of death was because the body stayed in excellent condition. he took it out in the summertime and in new york state it was found on the ground. looked like he died just yesterday. when the body is opened up the organs are frozen. they figured something doesn't make sense. >> that's unbelievable. michael shannon is playing in the movie. any thoughts on that? are you familiar with him at all? >> i i am not familiar with him, but he was familiar with kaklinsky, he is 6 foot and was an intimidating guy. i investigated against a lot of mofia-type people. the feeling i get when i look
12:56 am
at i don't look threatened. they say you are doing major job . do your job. when i get done i want to go over and say how did i do? >> are you a sick and twisted man. >> thank you for the compliment. >> thanks for coming on. >> me and richard the third. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tom shillou. go to fox eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
before we go, let's check in and see how the sloths are doing. safe travels, little guys. for more check out you can pre order lucy cook's "a little book of sloth." you can watch on a special time saturday nigh

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